segunda-feira, 17 de janeiro de 2011

Poema de Augusto dos Anjos em Inglês

Poema Versos Íntimos  de Augusto dos Anjos traduzido por mim para língua Inglesa.

Intimate Verses

Behold! Nobody saw the terrible

Funeral of your last chimera,

Only ingratitude- That panther-

Was your inseparable companion.

Get used to the mud that waits for you!

The man, who in this miserable land,

Lives among beasts, feels an inevitable

Need of being a beast, as well.

Take a match, light your cigarette!

The kisss, my friend, is the eve of spit.

The hand which caresses you, is the same

That casts stone.

If to somebody your wound still causes pity,

Cast stones at that vile hand which caresses you

And spit in that mouth which kisses you.

2 comentários:

  1. Jairo,
    Thank you for translating Intimate Verses..and for helping my Buddhist Poem to find a friend.
    um abracao

  2. Rita, thank you for visiting my blog.
    I'm sure your poem will find a friend very soon!